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Authority In Local Search

May 5th, 2009 by MDob

As you know, I have focused the last few blogs at Exploring Local on Authority in mapping due to my concern that the wide-spread use of maps made possible by Internet applications has resulted in a substantial increase in erroneous maps and “map messages” that fail to communicate accurate spatial information.

The presentation below is one that I presented at the GPS-Wireless Conference held in San Francisco, California, last week. In the presentation, I take a look at Local Search and why the results of Local Search are riddled with errors. As mentioned previously, I think this is a money-making opportunity and at the end of the presentation, I speculate on the companies that might be interested in the opportunity. One, I suspect, will suprise you. If you would like to read my notes along with a smaller version of the presentation, click here to download a PDF.

By the way, the GPS-Wireless Conference was quite interesting. Although smaller than the previous year, the presentations were of good quality, informative and usually not too commercial. The panelists asked to present provided insightful comments and members of the audience asked fair, tough questions on when, if ever, the LBS industry is going to take off. All in all, it was a pleasant way to gather information, make new contacts and see a few friends.

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