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Interview on iADS in GPS World

April 15th, 2010 by MDob

Kevin Dennehy from GPS World reached out (from Baghdad) to ask my thoughts about Apple’s recent announcement that it was getting into the mobile advertising business. I think that iADS could be an interesting development in mobile advertising (particularly for LBS). You can find a summary of my comments in Kevin’s article at GPS World.

Just a side note – I pre-ordered the version of the iPAD with WI-FI and 3G. I am not sure I am wild about the platform, but the only way I ever really understand the potential of any device is to use one – not just to sample it in the store or use a friend’s. Sometime in the future (and it may be quite some time before the unit is delivered), I will blog about its potential use in geospatial. As a matter of fact, I am already thinking “product”.

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One Response

  1. Matt McG

    A system that can accurately assess user intent, rather than assume a stock use scenario, or worse
    just pump out random ads would be interesting. Maybe even worth paying for.
    That’s the ticket! An authoritative spatial information subscription service
    that keeps the ads out of the way, except for the ones I want when I want to see them.

    But, personally, I’d think twice about heading over to a free beer truck in Baghdad.

    Thanks, Matt:
    I have always presumed that accurately assessing user intent would require a user profile, something that is unlikely to be very useful without the user’s active input. Would you consider providing info on what you want kinds of ads you would want to see, categorized by location?