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April 14th, 2011 by admin

Just some wrap-up stuff today, but still things that you might find interesting.

Along with two of my colleagues, I spent a great deal of last year wrestling with how we might advise the Geography Division of the Bureau of the Census on the development of its proposed Geographic Support System. Leslie Godwin of the Geography Division managed the projects and we would have been lost without her able assistance.

The reports we created are now public and available from the Census at this address.

The Census has affixed a note to each of the reports and I have posted it here so that there is no misunderstanding about the nature of the effort and the fact that the reports express the views of the authors and not the views of the Department of Commerce of the Bureau of the Census.

“ In the Fall of 2010, the Bureau of the Census, Geography Division contracted with independent subject matter experts David Cowen, Ph.D., Michael Dobson, Ph.D., and Stephen Guptill, Ph.D. to research five topics relevant to planning for its proposed Geographic Support System (GSS) Initiative; an integrated program of improved address coverage, continual spatial feature updates, and enhanced quality assessment and measurement. One report frequently references others in an effort to avoid duplication. Taken together, the reports provide a more complete body of knowledge. The five reports are:
1. Reporting on the Use of Handheld Computers and the Display/Capture of Geospatial Data
2. Measuring Data Quality
3. Reporting the State and Anticipated Future Directions of Addresses and Addressing
4. Identifying the Current State and Anticipated Future Direction of Potentially Useful Developing Technologies
5. Researching Address and Spatial Data Digital Exchange and Data Integration

The reports cite information provided by Geography Division staff at “The GSS Initiative Offsite, January 19-21, 2010.” The GSS Initiative Offsite was attended by senior Geography Division staff (Division Chief, Assistant Division Chiefs, & Branch Chiefs) to prepare for the GSS Initiative through sharing information on current procedures, discussing Initiative goals, and identifying Initiative priority areas. Materials from the Offsite remain unpublished and are not available for dissemination.

The views expressed in these reports are the personal views of the authors and do not reflect the views of the Department of Commerce or the Bureau of the Census.”

You may remember that I wrote a blog about the Mechanical Turk and HITS. Sometime after that I received an email from Mike Blumenthal about the difficulties that Yelp had run into dealing with the Mechanical Turk. The Yelp blog and the articles referenced make for good reading on this topic.

However, before you shut the door on the concept of HITS, take a look at this study whose investigator has been able to harness the concept and make the work fun.

Next, I was asked by Kevin Dennehy of the LBS Insider (published by GPS World) about the potential impact of AT&T’s acquisition of T-Mobile on LBS, Apple’s efforts in mapping, and my thoughts about the CTIA Conference. You can find my responses here and there are some interesting statistics in the AT&T section of the interview.

Last week I drove to Redlands, CA and had lunch with Jack Dangermond, CEO and founder of ESRI. This was a social event and not consulting or sourcing for this blog, but it was fun getting Jack’s insights on the industry and the trends that have emerged over the last year or two. I have been making the drive to Redlands for lunch with Jack every few years and am convinced that the Esri Campus is now bigger than the town Redlands. The new ESRI Conference Center is stunning – you know, there must be real money in GIS.

While at Esri, I was able to spend a few minutes with Don Cooke (formerly with TomTom TeleAtas and founder of GDT before that) and managed to catch-up of Esri’s interesting leap in to the world of community maps. I’m still rolling most of the ideas around in my head, trying to figure out the advantages that accrue, but I am not quite there yet. More soon.

Next week I am at Where2.0 to take the pulse of that segment of the market. Should be interesting and I hope that I see you there. I posted a watercolor of me in the attendees section. I will be one of three, white-haired, “old” guys roaming the conference.

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